Manage my Damn Life (MMDL) is a self hosted front end for managing your CalDAV tasks and calendars.

This project is in beta state, so be careful if you're working with production data.

Demo Task View Home GanttView

More screenshots are available in the directory '/docs/pics/screenshots'


  1. Manage your CalDAV tasks.
    • Supports sub tasks.
    • Supports many fields like due, status, description, recurrence, and more
  2. Manage calendar events.
  3. Supports multiple CalDAV accounts, and multiple user accounts.
  4. View your tasks as a list, in a gantt view, or on a calendar.
  5. Create and manage task filters to view your tasks as you see fit.
  6. "Reponsive-ish" view. This is a desktop first project, as multiple clients like JTX Boards, OpenTasks exist for mobile.
  7. OAUTH support

Planned features

  1. Support all fields for VTODO and VEVENT as described in RFC 5545.
  2. More flexible ways to view tasks, and customisable views.
  3. Drag and drop capability for tasks
  4. Ability to create external plugins.


This client has been tested with Nextcloud and Baikal.

As of now, it only supports basic authentication, and not OAUTH for CalDAV Accounts.

Getting Started

To get started, you can checkout installation documentation here.